May 14, 2024


Hello folks, today I will be making a mini series on the games which really needs remaster.  This is Part 1 of the series and i will be discussing few elements of it as well and a game which we all are familiar with.


We have been having a lot of remasters these days. Some include old games from PS2/Xbox Era or some from the PC side as well. Very Few of them are really worth having remasters of excluding few good titles where 1080p and 60 FPS makes a lot of difference.

So the very 1st game which i wanted to speak which is worth having a remaster is Burnout Series From PS2/Xbox Era.

1st Remaster- Burnout Series

Remember back in those days when you and many more people like us spent countless hours playing Burnout Takedown and Burnout Revenge? Yes in times like this when we see remasters of games which we really do not WANT, we then take a look back at the ones we really do want.

Burnout has always been a close to the heart racing game for not only the people who love racing games but also to those who liked to rekt their friends while doing a takedown and taking massive turbo boost as bonus and winning as the 1st position.

Who does not like to brag about a special revenge takedown he did to his friend and won after a heavy turbo boost?

                               Double Takedown and a Nitro Boost to win the game. Those days,eh?


                                Imagine a remaster of this game with 60 frames per second!


Burnout Takedown was one of the 1st best Burnout games to come out back then and after that came Burnout Revenge. Personally i liked revenge more than takedown and Dominator(which came later in PSP as well along with others). The game had everything, laps to taking down your opponents, great environment, and also not to forget the shortcuts to beat your rival head on like how the present NFS games have.

Ign Gave it a 8.9 on 10 too which you can read about it HERE

A game of this caliber surely needs a remaster and it will sell a good amount of units on its 1st week no doubt.

This is all for now,  on our part 2 of this mini series we will be talking about another game which has the same amount of potential as burnout series have and also which will look and work great on present systems and PC till then stay tuned to TechARX