March 26, 2023

Frostpunk’s The Last Autumn expansion, is the game’s biggest update yet. It marks a departure from the snowy landscape of the main game and takes players to a time before the ice took over.

  • A prequel story set in a new environment not yet covered by snow that allows players to construct the Generator from the ground up to prepare their society for the upcoming winter.
  • A new Endless Mode variant — Builders — that redefines the challenges players will face by providing different setups and solutions.
  • Two new Books of Laws allowing players to shape their society in previously unknown ways.
  • New threats and issues to deal with such as toxic gases and workers going on strike.
  • Influence society in creative new ways from establishing labour unions to outright manipulation.
  • New technology tree, inventions to discover, and resources to obtain.
  • 25 new buildings to construct such as docks, a telegraph station, a labour union building and more.
  • New social classes including Convicts — a cheap and obedient workforce.
  • Discover even more new mechanics and tweaks to gameplay.

You are in charge of constructing a massive generator that will heat the future colonies and even though the snow isn’t there to throw a wrench into your plans there are still workers who protest, resources to balance and harsh policies to set.

Because humanity hasn’t completely collapsed and you are leading an expedition on behalf of the British empire, you will get supplies and support. This ends up being your main source of wood, steel, and coal throughout and it’s easy to acquire more workers, steam cores to expand your colony.

This easier resource acquisition is offset by a more moody workforce. They are more prone to strikes and force you to balance your priorities or become a sitting duck.

Another side effect of getting easy resources is that the pacing of the game is heavily impacted, as you focus more on the city building aspects and the social welfare of your workers instead of scurrying around to find some coal or wood.

Frostpunk: The Last Autumn everything that’s new:

Most of the base gameplay remains the same, you are still setting laws, administering and planning your colony, and keeping your colonists happy. A simple mistake can cause a domino effect and get you fired.

The expansion offers tons of new content and improves upon the gameplay while managing to retain the core systems that made the base game so great. It’s a fantastic expansion that deserves to be it’s own game and cements 11bit as one of the best developers in the industry.