May 19, 2024

Earlier this year we did a guide on how to build an entry level gaming pc on our site for around 40k INR. As the year has rolled on however many things have changed. Some for the better, some however for the worse. So as the year ends and we near 2018, we revisit this price segment to see what you can get now if you have 40k ish to spend on the gaming pc.

The goal of this PC is to achieve base PS4 level visuals or better at a higher than 30 fps in 90% of the titles present on the market now and some of the other ones due to release in the coming months.

NOTE: Techarx is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned below and the recommendations are based on the comprehensive knowledge and experience of the Techarx team itself. Pricing used in this build is as of time of publication

Processor: AMD R3 1200

Compared to our last build, the release of Ryzen 3 allows us to include a true Quad core in our system. The R3 is a very good CPU for its price, packing 4 Cores and 4 Threads and also an unlocked multiplier for Overclocking. The included Wraith Stealth cooler is pretty impressive considering it’s a Stock cooler and is good enough for light OC of the CPU.

Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B350M-A

This Entry level B350 board supports Overclocking, supports m.2 SSDs, supports a maximum of 64GB of ram( which is double the capacity compared to the Intel board in our last build) and it will support future CPUs up to 2020 as announced by AMD. Overall a solid, cheap and small motherboard for an entry level build.

Memory: ADATA XPG Z1 

Ryzen loves Ram speed and for that very reason, even though RAM prices are at an all-time high we decided to go with a 2800 Mhz kit of ADATA XPG Z1 memory. Unlike their Spectrix lineup, this RAM does not have RGB but it is wicked fast and OC friendly. ADATA also has been supported by all Ryzen Mobos since launch and hence should not have any issues with any BIOS. You could, however, save a few rupees by going for lower rated 2400 or 2133 version of the very same RAM.

Storage: WD Blue 1TB

For the HDD, we recommend the Western Digital Blue Series which boasts an RPM of 7200. Getting a 1TB variant is recommended, allowing you to partition if needed. This will be your main storage of your steam and origin game backups, movies, work-related backups and a 2TB variant should be more than enough for starters. If you do need more, get another of these as they are fairly cheap.


This is one of those areas where we wish we were still in early 2017. We take a big hit in GPU performance going from an RX 470 to a GTX 1050Ti. Crypto Mining craze has pushed the prices of all AMD GPUs to an astronomical level. Hence we have to settle for the 1050Ti. This GPU is capable of playing modern titles at or higher than Console settings with more 30 fps easily and since Asus variant does not even need a PCIe power connector, its essentially plug and play, making it an ideal buy for a first time builder.


This PSU is perfect for our build. It’s affordable, quiet and has decent build quality. This System will never use anywhere near 500 watt and it comes with a 5-year warranty and 80 Plus Certification. we would have loved a bronze or silver certification but then again we have to consider the budget as well.

Case: CORSAIR 100R

The Carbide Series 100R Mid Tower case has the versatility serious PC builders need with the clean, modern exterior design all users can agree with. Tool-free access to the interior, a flush-mounted window for admiring your components, and a range of cooling options are all available to the home builder at a spectacular value with this latest addition to the Corsair family.

Price Chart

Component Product Price(INR) Price(US) Links(In) Links(US)
Cpu AMD RYZEN 3 1200 Rs.8,175 $99.99 BUY NOW BUY NOW
Motherboard ASUS B350 M-A Rs.6,900 $86.50 BUY NOW BUY NOW
Memory ADATA XPG Z1 Rs.6,100 $106.99 BUY NOW BUY NOW
Video Card ASUS GTX 1050Ti PHEONIX Rs.10,930 $162.99 BUY NOW BUY NOW
Case CORSAIR 100R Rs.2,790 $44.99 BUY NOW BUY NOW

TOTAL PRICE (at the time of writing):
India Price: Rs 41,695 (including GST)
US Price: $ 604.63 ( Listing)

So there you have it folks, a highly capable entry level gaming PC for around the 40k mark INR. I am surprised we are so close to our early 2017 PC price with all the inflammation of RAM prices and GPU mining craze. Stay tuned to the site as we will be updating our other builds pretty soon.