July 16, 2024

Everyone of us suffers from losing important data from time to time. It’s that inevitable part of using a computer that acts like a total curse and before you know it, the data is gone! Then, it drives you crazy and you try to find professional help to recover your old files. This software suite, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, seems to be just what the doctor ordered. I spent some time with it at the TechARX labs to give you the verdict.The first thing that strikes while using this software is the amazing amount of features it packs. In fact, it takes data recovery to a professional level.

The first thing that strikes while using this software is the amazing amount of features it packs. In fact, it takes data recovery to a professional level. Besides restoring data that has been deleted previously, it can also solve issues like a deleted partition or a formatted drive. That’s not where it ends. The usual data recovery features aside, it can also create a disk image of a corrupted drive. This is a blessing in disguise because you can then tinker with the disk image as much as you want, without thinking about damaging your hard drive.

This data recovery wizard can recover files from basically everything you throw at it: hard drives, SD cards, MP3 devices, and the list goes on.

User Interface

The potential of any software lies greatly in how well the UI is. The EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard might not be the fastest or the slickest, but it packs a UI that is simply great. In my period of testing, I have fallen in love with the clean, extremely user-friendly and light UI. Kudos to EASEUS team for this. Even for novice users, using this Wizard shouldn’t pose any problem at all!


The opening screen that greets you to choose what you want to recover.


The screen that lets you choose the location you want to recover
The result of a quick scan


Apart from the l-o-n-g list of features, this software also has ample amount of options to do the job. For most cases, users won’t find it lacking at all. We personally didn’t face any problems during the period that I tested it, other than not being able to locate files properly from time to time.

Other than that, it can be slow to perform at times.

Deep scanning a 1TB 5.4k RPM HDD can take quite some time!

But that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s amazingly functional and does the job that it’s intended to do rather remarkably well.


The free version of this software suite allow you to recover upto 2GB of data. Starting the software for the first time, you’ll see a data counter at the top right marked only upto 500MB. However, don’t fret, you just have to share the application on any of the famous social media platform to unlock 1.5GB more, a fair compromise. The Pro version is priced at 70$, which is undoubtedly quite high. It is available for Mac and Windows platforms.



The EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is an easy to use and competent data recovery software. It is definitely worth a try if you have to recover lost data. However, the free version is pretty limited at 2GB. If you need to recover files exceeding the limit, you should definitely think about buying the Pro version.


+Easy to use

+Long list of features

+Free version doesn’t skip a lot of features


-Steep pricing for Pro version

-Can act sluggish at times

-No availability for Linux-based systems

Download it here.

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