April 20, 2024

In this modern world of business, surviving the competition is quite tough, especially for startups. It is found through research that most of the startups fail in their initial days simply because they do not have enough resources to overcome the common hiccups in these initial stages. However, the most significant reason for their failure is that they do not adopt the latest trends in which the use of technology and different business tools is paramount.

There are lots of business tools that will help any startup not only to survive the competition but will also help them to grow to enable them to move in the right direction. These tools will help them to make the best use of the prevailing market conditions as well as their existing customers, no matter how few they are in number.

Therefore, if you want to survive in this modern business world you will need to know about these modern business tools and the best ways to use these for your beneficial purposes.

AI-powered tools

Most of these tools are powered with Artificial Intelligence or AI, which is the latest thing in the business circuit and has helped businesses in an immense way. According to research, it is seen that:

  • Most of the startup businesses use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.
  • These tools provide them with a better and bigger chance to achieve their business goals and growth ambitions.

However, a small startup business may feel that these cutting-edge AI-powered tools are out of their reach, but it is the growing market of AI and ML experts that has enabled them to make the best use of tools as well. this is because these professionals typically aim at the small and medium-sized enterprise sector. These tools and experts help businesses in a lot of ways.

The primary reason that most of the businesses are allured by the AI and ML technology it that it has a very powerful computing ability. Most good sites such as LibertyLending.com and others make the best use of this power that actually does their work in a much more effective efficient and quick way.

These works would have taken a considerable amount of time and effort of the human workers if these were done manually. That means that these tools help businesses to be more productive and effective.

The benefits of using these tools

Ideally, there are a few specific AI-powered tools that the SMEs can choose. The benefits that they will enjoy include:

  • They will now not have to struggle to sustain in this competitive business world
  • They will be able to meet their business goals much more easily
  • They will be able to marshal their resources more efficiently and
  • They will be able to focus on many other different fronts of their businesses simultaneously and more effectively.

All in all, these powerful AI tools will make them more powerful to deal with the different challenges of their businesses as well as meet with their set business goals much easily.

The tools to choose

Here are a few tools for you to choose that will enable you to make the best use of the AI and ML technologies.

  • Evie: This is the tool that will help you to simplify the meeting schedule. Every startup owners and managers need to keep up with their scheduling and this AI-powered tool designed by a Singapore-based company will ensure that. It will analyze the words in the emails and create a meeting schedule for the user automatically. The bot extracts the key info by using natural language processing from emails. It will also send rems for the meetings apart from delivering a daily digest of the events and following up on the unresponsive invitees.
  • Aiden: This AI-powered tool with empowering business growth. The tools will help any SME in investing in growth marketing. It will reduce the time wasted in analyzing several platforms. It will integrate some of the biggest advertising networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, and Instagram. It will also aggregate your marketing campaign with its editing functions and thereby freeing up your time for more productive work.
  • Data sine:  This tool will personalize your email content. This tool actually combines psychology and ML that helps in better personalization of business communications. It has a primary marketing platform, Pomegranate, which not only enables the businesses to tailor their content but also helps to resonate with their specific audience. The machine learning system analyses the behavioral data and then powers the AI-driven content editing platform. This platform then matches the different words, images, and videos with different psychological profiles of the users or specific segments of the audience.
  • Attest: Every business must have and follow a proper plan and strategy. Just as important it is to create a meticulous plan and a thoughtful strategy for your business, it is equally important to validate your plans and strategies. The Attest tool will do it for you by helping you to know your audience better. All start-ups and even larger enterprises need this and therefore this online consumer growth platform is an essential tool for them to have and use. You can ask different market research questions to your audiences across 80 markets and to more than 100 million people. Since researching new markets is essential for every startup, this tool will add to the benefits by validating their decisions and thereby helping them to develop better products to deliver.
  • Unito: This is a tool that will help you to manage the work and your operations. This will also help you to track the progress of your projects. The difference of this tool with other similar tools is that it will help you to choose the best from different platforms that your staffs are so used to. With its technological sync with different tools, it will allow you and your teams to collaborate seamlessly irrespective of what platform they are using.

Lastly, to manage your finance use tools like Freeagent and perfect your business plan with Bizplan.