February 25, 2024

The Witcher Card Game by CDPR:

On May of 2015, CDPR released The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt. It turned out to be one of the best RPGs of recent times, loved by critics and the public alike. Since it’s release it has also evolved into a far more polished version of itself with even more content pouring in, in the form of two great expansions. A big part of what added variety to the game was, an in-game mini-game called Gwent. Although the Witcher games have had other mini games in them, in the past, they were quite forgettable and never left much of a mark. Gwent, on the otherhand was a complete game changer.

Gwent became massively popular. the ” Hearthstone ” like card game, was a huge hit on its own. It created such buzz, that for a short time there was even a website where one could play Gwent, online. But as of July 9, 2015, it has been taken down.

A few days ago, Nerdleaks brought to light and interesting development at CDPR. The studio has recently filed for two trademarks, with European Union Intellectual Property Office. among these two, one is for Gwent : The Witcher Card Game including a logo. According to the google translation, this filing covers various things, from jewellery to cloths, but the, more important ones are, Games and game accessories; Role-playing Games; Card Games.

Filing a new trademark for Gwent, after being previously filed in 2015 under the same name ( Gwent : The Witcher Card Game ) may mean that CDPR is indeed planning to come out with a solo spin-off Gwent game. It looks like CD Projekt Red is planning to capitalise on the success of Gwent, and since card games have been quite the thing for some time now; Hearthstone being among the biggest hits; it’s only natural for CDPR not wanting to miss out on an opportunity, especially when they have a card game, that is already extremely well made.  

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