July 12, 2024

In recent years, video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Tiktok have expanded the demand for video. More and more novices are flocking into the field. For video creation, choosing a suitable video software is the first thing to do.

Besides professional software, there is some entry-level video editing software for starters. These programs generally have a smooth learning curve and many built-in templates.

Here we summarize five entry-level video editing software that is easy to operate and can make a variety of effects. You can choose different software according to your preferences and usage scenarios.

1.YouTube Movie Maker

YouTube Movie Maker is a simple and easy-to-use video editing software. It has a variety of built-in effects for text, pictures, sounds, and videos. You don’t need video editing experience to make a nice video. You can get the hang of it after a few tutorials. All the effects in the software are WYSIWYG, and once you add them you can see the effects in the preview.

In addition to regular video editing, YouTube Movie Maker also supports transition effects, text effects, particle effects, subtitles, 3D effects, lyrics video, and screen recording. It is so simple that all operations can be done with a mouse click.

If you’re YouTuber, this software is perfect for you. It integrates YouTube video editing, upload, management, promotion, and other functions. It’s very convenient and efficient for YouTubers.


VSDC is a free video editor for the Windows platform. Like other free software, it supports basic video editing. These features include cropping, merging, audio/video effects, chroma-key, color blending, and more. If you want to use some advanced features, you need to buy the professional version.

If you want to get started with free software, VSDC can meet your basic needs. However, its interface may not be so clear. For those who use it for the first time, it may be confusing. You can choose the appropriate action based on the prompt when you open the software. You can also refer to the official documentation, which allows you to tweak the software interface to your preferred layout.


VideoProc is a versatile video editing software. In addition to video editing, it also includes DVD conversion, video download, recording, and other functions. After the user opens the software, needs to select the corresponding function according to the need only then will enter the operation interface. The software is free to use, but the length of the exported video cannot exceed five minutes.

VideoProc supports common video editing functions, including editing, special effects, watermarking, subtitles, rotation, and more. It is also simple to use. After adding a video, click on the function below the video as needed. One of the most convenient features of the software is the ability to download videos directly from YouTube and Facebook.


Filmora is a popular entry-level video editor in recent years. Its software interface is relatively clear, the main functions are divided into audio, text, transition, special effects, elements of several categories. The user wants to produce what effect video, in the corresponding category to find the appropriate effect to add. It also supports a split-screen, a feature that can be used to compare multiple videos.

Filmora uses the timeline edit mode, which allows users to add videos to the timeline for editing and other actions. It also provides users with a library of materials and special effects. With it, users can easily complete some of the effects of the addition. It is available as a free trial, but there will be a watermark in the exported video.


Movavi is another entry-level video editing software that operates on a modular basis. When the user enters the software, he needs to select the function module to be used. The software jumps to the appropriate functional interface before proceeding to the next step. It allows you to edit videos, add audio tracks, subtitles, filters, special effects, and convert between video formats.

Movavi also has built-in special effects and stock, divided into transitions, filters, text, stickers, and so on. Users can choose different effects to use according to the scene in the video. Movavi offers a 7-day trial that requires a license to use beyond the trial period. The video exported during the trial period will have a watermark.

Final Words

Both Windows and Apple have their video editing tools, Windows Photos, and iMovie. But their capabilities are limited to the simplest video editing. For more personalized requirements, you can use entry-level software.

As you can see, this kind of software has pre-made effects and templates that can use by clicking. Compared with professional software, they do not take much time to learn. Most of the features are easy to understand, so they’re very suitable for starters.