July 12, 2024

Later this year, AMD’s EPYC Genoa-X server processors with 3D V-Cache are set to launch, offering impressive features such as TSMC’s 5nm process node, Zen 4 cores, and up to 96 cores and 192 threads. The highlight, however, is the addition of AMD’s 3D V-Cache, which will provide over 1GB of L3 cache, representing a significant improvement over the previous EPYC Milan-X chips.

Recently, an alleged engineering sample of the EPYC 9684X, the flagship Genoa-X SKU, was listed for sale on a Chinese second-hand platform. The seller claimed that the processor featured 96 Zen 4 cores and 1,152MB of L3 cache. While the seller did not provide any screenshots, the “110.10 SP5” marking and the image of the rear of the processor indicated that it was at least an EPYC chip that could slot into the Socket SP5 (LGA6096).

AMD’s previous release, the Milan-X, consisted of four SKUs including the EPYC 7773X (64 cores), EPYC 7573X (32 cores), EPYC 7473X (243 cores), and EPYC 7373X (16 cores). According to insider information from YuuKi_AnS, the upcoming Genoa-X is expected to follow a similar model with comparable core counts and an impressive 1,152MB of L3 cache.

Assuming that the insider information provided by hardware leaker YuuKi_AnS is correct, Genoa-X will likely have similar core counts to Milan-X, ranging from 16 to 243 cores, with 1,152MB of L3 cache. The EPYC 9684X will have a TDP of 400W, while other chips will have a TDP of 320W.

AMD Genoa-X Specifications (unconfirmed)

ProcessorCoresThreadsL3 Cache (MB)TDP (W)
EPYC 9684X961921,152400
EPYC 7773X64128768280
EPYC 9384X32641,152320
EPYC 7573X3264768280
EPYC 9284X24481,152320
EPYC 7473X2448768240
EPYC 9184X16321,152320
EPYC 7373X1632768240

Genoa-X will provide data center customers with improved performance thanks to the generous amount of Zen 4 cores and additional firepower for latency-sensitive workloads. The regular Genoa processor already has a maximum L3 cache of 384MB, and the 3D V-Cache contributes the remaining 768MB on Genoa-X. This impressive feature alone is equivalent to the total L3 cache on Milan-X.

Compared to Milan-X, which has a maximum TDP of 280W, Genoa-X will have a higher TDP of up to 360W, representing a 29% increase. While the EPYC 9684X’s TDP is only 11% higher than the regular 96-core EPYC 9654, it is a 43% increase compared to the previous EPYC 7773X. Additionally, the TDP increments vary between different SKUs, with the EPYC 9384X having a 14% higher TDP than the EPYC 7573X, and the EPYC 9284X and EPYC 9184X having TDPs 33% greater than the EPYC 7473X and EPYC 7373X.

Coming to the release side of things, AMD is set to release Genoa-X in 2023 but yet to confirm a date.