June 24, 2024

Alekhine’s Gun is a third person stealth action video game set during the period of cold war and world war 2. Developed and published by Maximum Games, this new stealth game had every material a stealth game needs. Cool calculated setups, tense waiting games, and the eventual thrill of a successful hit. Alekhine’s game provides all that but somehow somewhere Maximum failed to execute them. Weak AIs, bad controls and a lot of performance issues let the game down.

Alekhine’s Gun’s story takes place in a Cold War era environment where you are a KGB operative turned CIA spy, sounds coll, but poorly done. Performances are weak, very bad voice actings, sudden cutscenes in between the missions and very badly recorded dialogues was pushing me to delete this game from my system.

The plot takes place in 1960’s Cold War and 1940’s WW2 which have a potential to be very interesting and fresh with Nazis, mafia, politics,anti-goverment conspiracies. But no, Alekhine’s Gun is just another video game trying to be something like the Hitman series and ended up completely being FLAT. Dull cutscenes and awkward textures on the walls partnering up with worst physics in a video game, it turns out that maximum game has delivered a complete disaster.

Then comes the bugs and the glitches. Glitchy shadows, getting stuck behind bookshelves, screen freezes, falling out of the map which forced me to restart the entire mission again. The story is a 12 hour long story and with the bugs and glitches and random freezes, it took me 30 hours to complete the game which really pissed me off.

My final verdict, Alekhine’s Gun is a game made with a right idea but with completely wrong execution. I give this game a 2.5 out of 10 for being the worst game of this year so far.