May 25, 2024

7th Sector is a puzzle adventure indie game from the developer Носков Сергей who was behind 35 mm, an atmospheric post-apocalyptic walking simulator.

Set in a dystopian cyberpunk world, you start off as a mysterious figure that is trapped inside a TV set. Soon you discover that you possess the ability to turn into a spark of electricity and make your way around the various wires and gadgets connected in this dark and grim world.

The gameplay is innovative, to say the least, and the puzzles deliver. Almost all of the obstacles in the game required me to think out of the box and pay attention to the minute details. Most of the puzzles were logical challenges but some of them required me to scour around my environment for clues.

There’s not a direct story for you to follow and the gameplay is fairly linear. You go from point A to B, and sometimes there are some diversions that you can indulge in or some puzzle might take you down a different path.

As a spark, you can take control of the various electronics and later on drones and robots to help you solve more and more complicated puzzles. As I already said the puzzles were somewhat difficult and if you don’t open your mind and apply unconventional thinking you might not be able to find a solution. The game does not explain anything to you except the basic controls, so it can get quite confusing at times.

You uncover the story from exploring the environment and hacking into the various gadgets that are scattered around. Intuitive, nonobstructive and subtle storytelling ensured that I was not too distracted from the gameplay but subconsciously constructing theories about this grim and somber world that I was in.

Visually the game is stunning, and are a big part of the immersive moody aura that the game radiates. There aren’t next-gen framerate breaking, top of the line visuals, but they do an excellent job at making the world feel lived in yet desolate. Because there is no dialogue whatsoever except some recordings, the music and sound design do a fantastic job of creating immersion.



7th Sector is a gorgeous and engrossing puzzle game. It’s intuitive puzzles and simple yet challenging gameplay kept me engrossed throughout the 8 or so hours I spent with the game. The story is told subtly and the world is immersive. If you like cyberpunk themes and puzzle games, this game is a must-have.