NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 is all set to hit the ramp | AIBs presenting their solutions | Expected by September ’18

NVIDIA is all set to remove their curtains off their newest GTX and RTX 20 series, which they claim to deliver breakthrough performance. Meanwhile, not keeping the customers wait some of the AIB partners have already teased some of the liquid cooled 20 series cards.

Displayed only at a handful of outlets, NVIDIA’s one of the trusted AIB Colorful has already had their lineup of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. The AIB teased their new iGame series of liquid cooled cards at selected outlets.

GeForce cards
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The card at the top right corner with triple fan design will enter the new 20 series GeForce family. However, we can see the same cooling solution used in Pascal.

The next one at the bottom right corner is all brand new. Which is already coming under the radar known as Colorful’s RTX 2080 iGame Poseidon.

Colorful confirmed that this will be NVIDIA’s next-gen custom cooled card and teased to be released by September 2018. From NVIDIA’s part, they are working on a dual fan Founder’s Edition RTX 2080. So you don’t have to wait till when AIBs hit the market with custom cooling.

NVIDIA’s next-gen cards are to be expected later this month, so stay tuned.

NVIDIA GPU Memory Technology Updates :

Graphics Card NameMemory TechnologyMemory SpeedMemory BusMemory BandwidthRelease
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080GDDR5X10.0 Gbps256-bit320 GB/s2016
NVIDIA Next GPU With 256-bit busGDDR612.0 Gbps256-bit384 GB/s2018
NVIDIA Next GPU With 256-bit busGDDR614.0 Gbps256-bit448GB/s2018
AMD Radeon RX Vega 64HBM21.9 Gbps2048-bit483 GB/s2017
AMD Radeon R9 Fury XHBM11.0 Gbps4096-bit512 GB/s2015
NVIDIA Next GPU With 256-bit busGDDR616.0 Gbps256-bit512 GB/s2018
NVIDIA Titan XpGDDR5X11.4 Gbps384-bit547 GB/s2017
NVIDIA Next GPU With 256-bit busGDDR618.0 GB/s256-bit576 GB/s2018
NVIDIA Next GPU With 256-bit busGDDR620 GB/s384-bit640 GB/s2018
NVIDIA Next GPU With 384-bit busGDDR612.0 Gbps384-bit576 GB/s2018
NVIDIA Titan VHBM21.7 Gbps3072-bit652.8 GB/s2017
NVIDIA Next GPU With 384-bit busGDDR614.0 Gbps384-bit672GB/s2018
NVIDIA Tesla P100HBM21.4 Gbps4096-bit720 GB/s2016
NVIDIA Next GPU With 384-bit busGDDR616.0 Gbps384-bit768 GB/s2018
NVIDIA Next GPU With 384-bit busGDDR618.0 GB/s384-bit864 GB/s2018
NVIDIA Tesla V100HBM21.7 Gbps4096-bit901 GB/s2017
NVIDIA Next GPU With 384-bit busGDDR620 GB/s384-bit960 GB/s2018


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