Persang Karaoke Launches Dzire Plus

Persang Karaoke has launched their latest product , The Dzire Plus which boasts of a song bank comprising of over 6438 songs and lyrics support in Hindi and English . It has an inbuilt memory of 16 GB and is expandable upto 64 GB.


Product Description

Features & Specification

2.4 GHZ Wireless Microphone

Set of 2(Two) Wireless Microphones Distance up 100 feet max.
(As per test condition).


  • A dynamic real time scoring function.
  • I-FUN will catch up every pitch and showing on the screen when singing.
  • Can be used to learn new songs.
  • And can be switched off and on.

Song Reserves

  • Song Favorite up to 150 songs.
  • Song recording upto 150 songs.
  • Select Song List by Alphabet, Word or Singer.

Plug & Play

  • Simple Connect HDMI Cable to TV
  • Set your TV to External Video Mode
  • Play and Enjoy Singing

Other Features

  • Color change for Male/Female Singers so now no waiting for your turn, your system tells you when to sing a special sign for Male/Female on the screen which will tell you who will sing.
  • These songs are digitally configured.
  • 4 interactive Games.
  • Total Song Bank of 6438
  • which comprises of (Hindi, English, Konkanni, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Nepali).

Song Library

Sr. No. Language No of Songs
1 Hindi 2212
2 Gujarati 200
3 Bengali 38
4 Kannada 152
5 Konkani 24
6 Malayalam 174
7 Marathi 136
8 Punjabi 89
9 Tamil 204
10 Telugu 159
11 Nepali 50
12 English 3000
TOTAL 6438


Suvoparno Banerjee

Suvoparno Banerjee

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