Johan Andersson from EA posts Radeon R9 390X photo

Johan Andersson, Technical Director on Frostbite at Electronic Arts and the man behind the Battlefield series posted a rather interesting photo on twitter today …

fiji-guru3d-amd (1)



The Twitter posts says, “This new island is one seriously impressive and sweet GPU. wow & thanks @AMDRadeon ! They will be put to good use :)”





This card could be the Radeon R9 390x ( part of the upcoming Rx 300 family series developed by AMD. The cards are the first to feature High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) and are codenamed Pirate Islands ) .

The product is closely resembling renders posted a week or so ago. That card (Likely Fiji) is so small in size thanks to on-die HBM , making the PCB really small as you do not need space for graphics memory on the actual PCB any longer.

Below are the speculated specs for the 390x



Suvoparno Banerjee

Student , Gamer , Blogger , Audiophile .

Suvoparno Banerjee
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Student , Gamer , Blogger , Audiophile .
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