Why Digital Signage Is the Best Solution for a Company

Digital signage is the way to go in the corporate world today. Whether the company is a commercial enterprise or does not deal with buying and selling, digital signage adds an aesthetic quality to the workplace and reduces clutter caused by hardware like paper and notice boards.

Print displays have lost their appeal with the advent of digitalized ones. This is due to the fact that with the digital alternative, it is easier to animate and use colour, both of which easily grab the attention of passersby.

There are very few people who will stand still to read banners or posters but confronted with moving images on a big screen, most people will slow down to take a look. Corporate digital signageis therefore claiming its space in the corporate sector.

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To put it very simply, digital signage is an attention grabber. It is on a whole new level in comparison with its print counterparts in terms of:

  • Attractiveness – The array of colours and moving images on a screen is certainly a lot better than ink on paper.
  • Offering a wider range of capabilities.
  • Being able to pass information in real time.

Extra benefits

  1. The operation is faster.

In comparison with the print alternative, digital signage is a lot faster to implement. Print signage has to be placed manually, meaning someone has to go to the notice board and staple the information or put up a huge banner somewhere to announce or advertise something. This takes quite some time.

With digital signage, you can instantly upload or even upgrade information on the screen with a few clicks. In addition, you do not need a whole team to get it out there. One person on a computer is enough. You save time as well as money. It is also an advantage to the environment that you are using much less paper.

  1. Adaptability

Digital advertising is flexible. You can use it for both long term and short term advertisement options. If the firm wants to reach its employees, it can change its information during the lunch hour to announce whatever information it wants to pass across. It can also update information if and when needed.

  1. Less waste and operation expenditure

When information is printed, it cannot be stored for long in its displayed place. Once it has served its purpose, it must be replaced. It is very easy to lose such information. With digital signage, the operator only needs to store old information in a file and create a new file for new information. This means that old information is easy to recall should it ever be needed. It will also be recalled pretty fast.

  1. Easy to make alterations

Since a firm’s systems are synchronized, it is easy to make changes in case of errors or updates. The changes can also be made as soon as needed. Imagine a situation where there is a glaring error in an advertisement that could cause some embarrassment to the firm. If this is noted in good time, it could be corrected before it is too late. With the print alternative, it might call for driving all over town bringing the media down.

  1. Interactive content

It is easier to link interactive content with digital signage than it is with printed signage. This makes it so much easier to link a positive message and to reduce wait times. It is also possible to add something new and eye-catching everyday as all one needs is to push a few buttons and it is done. With the print substitute, this is not even possible. Information has to stay for quite a while before any changes or additions can be made. Factor in the time and manpower needed to put up the new information and have a winner in the digital surrogate.

  1. Lower marketing costs

If you have fewer people running around town putting up advertisements and posters, then you have fewer people to pay. Digital signage takes a lot less people to manage the displays in comparison to print signage. This is because everything can be and is worked on, produced and distributed from one location. This translates to less manpower, no fueling and thus, less expenditure. Digital signage is a money and time saver.


With all the positives pointing to digital signage, it makes a lot of sense for any corporation or enterprise, big or small, to opt for it. It is not only versatile; it is also fast and uses less manpower. Most if not all world-class companies are signing on and finding themselves in cleaner, less cluttered environments. They also like the fact that it is much easier and faster to communicate within and without the firm than it is with the print substitute.