Sony Releases New Cinematic Trailer for The Last of Us : Part 2

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Good news travels fast and thus by now most of you have already seen the much anticipated cinematic trailer for The Last of Us : Part II . Naughty Dog kept us on the edge , brushing past E3 as well as Gamescom , making us wait a little longer . Finally at Paris Games Week last night , Sony gave us the pleasure.

This new trailer however sets an entire new scenario with a gruesome interaction between never before seen characters. We see a woman being dragged away and almost hanged from a tree .  The main antagonist attempts to slice her stomach after declaring it being “nested with sin” which probably suggests that she might be pregnant. Meanwhile another victim called Yara gets her “wings” clipped for not revealing where the other “apostate” is. Arrows are fired before they break the young girl’s right arm . Fans at this moment expect to see Ellie and Joel to the rescue but alas are greeted with another unfamiliar face.



This trailer as you can see is more violent than ever which has critiques going haywire . Fans have abandoned their old theories and are now arriving at new conclusions. One such being that this whole sequence is a flash back which centres around Ellie’s mother Anna , who is the woman being hanged. She does resemble Ellie as viewers first assume it is Ellie who is being dragged . Yara’s rescuer also mentions that this woman is “one of them” and hesitates to help her at first . Although at the end of the trailer we do encounter something familiar , a swarm of infected running towards our heroes.





      A game made by adults, to be played by adults  ”   –      says Jim Ryan from PlayStation



It has a similar look to a poster that was released for the game where someone is holding a hammer while a car burns in the background. Now both these elements are present in this trailer which gives us another interesting topic to dwell upon.

Sadly though , Naughty Dog still did not announce a release date for this survival action adventure video game and thus we can only go on creating more and more theories before the actual game comes out. Watch the trailer if you have not yet seen it and for those who have , does’nt hurt to watch again .





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