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E3 is what every gamer looks forward to year after year and 2017 brought forth a mix of emotions. Gamers were expecting big reveals and they weren’t disappointed. On top of that, nostalgia hit us good with the announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Metroid Prime 4. So let’s have a brief flashback of this year’s E3 showcase.

Starting off with Microsoft, they delivered their best conference to date with the reveal of Project Scorpio.The Xbox One X, titled as the world’s most powerful console, is also the smallest Xbox ever. Scheduled to release on November 7th this year, it promises to deliver true 4K Gaming ever in a console.


Moving on with some of the games showcased at their conference, the major attractions were Metro Exodus, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Origins, Life is Strange: Beyond the Storm and finally a gameplay reveal of Anthem. Receiving a double reveal at this year’s E3, Anthem seems to be performing well and seems to have received mixed reviews. Published by EA, Bioware’s Anthem brings forth a vast interactive open world with both land terrain and underwater environments. It also works around the concept of exosuits called Javelins, which are packed with numerous features and abilities, giving a mixed feeling of Mass Effect, Destiny and Crysis . Lets hope it turns out to be as promising as it looks.

This brings us to EA’s conference which brought us FIFA 18, Anthem and Star Wars Battlefront II,  which pretty much stole the show. John Boyega’s tweet to EA stating when will fans get a full on offline story mode received a worldwide response as it seemed to speak for every fan out there. Thus this sequel will include worlds depicted in the new Star Wars films as well as content from the original and prequel trilogies. The game will include a brand-new storyline which bridges the gap between Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. Other than that the multiplayer experience proves to be quite the hit with different online game modes which can support up to 40 simultaneous players. The cinematic trailer, as well as the gameplay, reveal received much love from fans.


However, EA’s reveal of A Way Out deserved quite the attention with its out of the box concept of split screen co-op gameplay with no single player mode. It gives players  the Prison Break feel with it’s whole jail break scenario and the co-op feature brings forth an even more immersive experience thus securing a spot in the list of anticipated games releasing in early 2018. Need For Speed Payback seems more like a Fast and the Furious game with the new cinematic/gameplay trailer, so we can only hope so much, after all its NFS and that wraps it up for EA.

Sony did not deliver like last year, although their main focus was on PlayStation VR and numerous VR titles.  Although titles like Shadow of the Colossus, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC  still gave players something to look forward too but it seemed more like a cinematic show rather than any substantial gameplay reveal.  Destiny 2 scored big at the fan base but the new God of War was met with a bit of a skeptical touch. Despite high-end graphics and dynamic gameplay, some fans are missing the feel of classic God of War games.


Naughty Dog’s teaser for The Last of Us 2, released earlier, kept fans on their edge for E3 but sadly no cinematic trailer or gameplay reveal was showcased. Maybe they are aiming at keeping us on the edge for much longer, instead they gave fans an extended view at Uncharted: The Lost Legacy which seems to be quite up to the mark.  However, the game changer for the Sony conference was the unexpected reveal of Spider-Man. A PS4 exclusive, Spider-man brings back the good old feels from the first Spider-Man game , released back in the year 2000. The gameplay reveal had fans uproaring everywhere on social media and this is another game to look forward to in the coming year.

Nintendo this year surprisingly stole the console show with their announcement of a number of high-profile games that are coming out very soon for the Switch. With the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 they created quite the short term hype for the core fanbase, although they have the risk of setting expectations beyond what is being developed. Nonetheless, Nintendo came back into the spotlight this year proving it to be the best E3 for them.

Bethesda proved to be the most disappointing as a conference. The main showcases were Fallout 4 and Doom in VR, Quake as a $1 million esport, The Evil Within 2 and lastly the only satisfying and hyped reveal, Wolfenstein II : The New Colossus.


The Elder Scrolls had no revolutionary announcement around it , just a few paid mods like The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim for Nintendo Switch will let you dress up as Link and as well as motion control support for the game .

Now if you were’nt in a hurry after Bethesda’s conference you most definitely experienced the most bizzare and best part of this year’s E3 . Devolver Digital’s press conference gave a whole new perspective and was’nt like Sony or Microsoft. Most people have not even watched it and some dont even know about it.They didnt show any new games and most of it didnt even make any sense , yet it was mesmerizing.

The publisher used its one-hour space on Twitch to bring viewers the most absurd, strange and deeply wonderful bit of performance art. Since the entire conference runs just under 15 minutes, I would recommend everyone to give it a view because that would explain it best.



Last but not the least, with a new modified logo , Ubisoft. Ubisoft’s conference was praised by many attendees and analysts as the best of the show. It had a wide range of projects showcased, an unexpected number of new projects revealed. They brought out the big guns with titles like Assassins’s Creed Origins , Far Cry 5 and the most surprising of them all , Beyond Good and Evil 2.The event started with legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who brought hand cannon toys on stage to introduce Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Ubisoft also announced Transference, a VR project with actor Elijah Wood, competitive naval pirate game Skull & Bones and The Crew 2 (now with boats and planes). Ubisoft took the show to a whole new direction with the idea of going after the declining toys-to-life market with Starlink.


Assassin’s Creed Origins , despite getting mixed reviews from the fanbase , still stood first place at this year’s E3 . The game was featured significantly at two press events (Microsoft and Ubisoft) on top of being playable at E3. Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the game to release . Lets see if Ubisoft can bring back the old Assassin Creed feel into the game. Far Cry 5 : Hope County looks promising as well with the full on gameplay reveal . Finally Ubisoft won our hearts with their  stellar execution of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer release .

That leads us to the end of E3 2017 with a few glorious announcements as well as a few disappointing ones. So who do you think won E3? I would put my bet on Ubisoft . The way they orchestrated the conference with their numerous announcements and nostalgic reveals, Ubisoft gave us gamers something to look forward to .