dslr beginner's guide

Camera Basics: The Ultimate DSLR Beginner’s Guide

So you’ve been browsing a lot of Instagram over the past few months and started following a number of awesome photographers, you...

Pokemon Go will soon allow players to trade Pokemon

Pokemon Go has hyped everyone out of the blue since it came out on iOS and Android Play Store this weekend as it went...

NVIDIA GTX 1060 Official Specs Leaked, 15% Faster than RX 480!

GTX 1060 Official Specs Powered by 6 gigs of DDR5 memory and 1280 CUDA cores, it has a turbo clock of 1700MHz, giving a maximum compute...

GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming G1 Review : Ferrari for Z170 arrives

It’s another year of the same thing. Intel has released another refresh of their processor and chipset generation, and we’re back to square one...

Boost Your Productivity While Working from Home: A list of essential tools.

Work from home in India is not a new concept, however, has become compulsory in the last few weeks. As the situation...

Alekhine’s Gun Short Review

Alekhine's Gun is a third person stealth action video game set during the period of cold war and world war 2. Developed and published...

Asus releases GTX970 DirectCU mini

The small form factor PCs are in vogue these days. Every manufacturer has started to acknowledge the ever increasing demand from the community to...

4 RPG Games You Need to Play on the Nintendo DS

The Switch may be Nintendo’s own king of handheld consoles right now, but the DS actually had a great run as well. In fact,...

GIGABYTE X99-Gaming 5P and X99-UD4P Review: Attack of the ‘P’s

Of all the motherboard manufacturers who came out with their boards with the launch of Intel’s HEDT Haswell-E platform, GIGABYTE has arguably been the...

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