A brief chat with the winner of AMD Asian Football Gaming Championship.

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Recently a nationwide FIFA 15 tournament was held by AMD with the finals taking place in Chennai.
Our correspondent had a chance of catching the winner Vijay Jain for a brief chat.


TechARX: What is your age?
Vijay: 22

TechARX: what are you doing right now in terms of academics.

TechARX: At what age  you started gaming?
Vijay: 9YRS

TechARX:Tell us how are you feeling after winning?
Vijay:It was an awesome feeling..no words can describe it..All my hard work had finally paid off !! I give the credit to my fellow chennai gamers and especially Santanu Basu for motivating me and make me perform Well .

TechARX:How are you preparing for the afgc grand finals in dhaka in january
Vijay:Yes,I’ve been practicing daily..Trying out different teams and different formations to find out the perfect combination which is suited to my gameplay
Gaming scene in India? How can it change?
Gaming scene in India is on the growth..I’ve seen a lot of
improvements since i started gaming..But its not just good enough to
be honest..U cannot take gaming as a professsion yet cause Sponsors
are very less..On the whole,India has a long way to go when it comes
to gaming
What is your next tournament?
My next tournament will be a domestic one in Chennai, which will be
conducted by marrybrown India on Jan 3rd
Your achievements?
Wcg quarter finalist 2007
Won over 100 fifa competitions in college tournaments
God of gaming 2nd place in 2011
God of gaming 3rd place in 2012