20-Series GeForce RTX cards officially unveiled by NVIDIA


buy Gabapentin for dogs online neurontin online After an ample amount of leaks, NVIDIA reveals it’s RTX family finally. I was not that surprised as we got to see the specifications beforehand, from different OEMs. But, this turing family is, I might quote, impressive. NVIDIA claims that these futuristic cards which deliver ray-tracing capabilities to gamers. Also, in real time. Which will, in turn, help gamers to enjoy more realistic scenes with proper shadow depth and lighting. The RTX 2080 Ti is no doubt the leader of this family. Having a whopping amount of  4,352 CUDA cores,…

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 Series: The Biggest Generational leap ?

So after a full 4 to 5 months of pure speculations of the GeForce 20 series has been finally announced at Gamescom. Unlike previous launches, however, Nvidia is launching all their High-end parts together. The RTX family is made up of the Quadro series at the top and then the 2080Ti, 2080 and finally 2070. So what has changed, what are the pricing and what is the performance like? Good Questions let’s find out. So first up why RTX instead of the GTX? Well because of Ray Tracing. A Graphics technique…

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