Video Game Settings Explained


Finding the best combination of video game settings can be a headache, especially if you don’t know which setting does what. So we cooked up this little guide to video game settings to help you out.
Throughout the guide, I will be explaining what each setting does and what is the recommended setting for that particular effect.
Note : The settings covered in the guide are some of the basic video game settings that appear in modern games, this guide will not cover uncommon settings such as Hairworks or TressFX.

Video Game Settings Explained

But before we begin let’s take a look at the most important factor we take into consideration when tweaking the settings of a game.

Frames Per Second( FPS )

video game settings - fps

Every image is made up of small little dots, these little dots are called pixels. Now these pixels combine together to form a single still image called frame. And every scene in a video game is made up of still frames being produced in rapid progression resulting in a fluid animation. And not only video games, even television shows, and movies work out in the same way.

FPS is the rate at which your graphics card is producing new frames; Refresh Rate is the rate at which your monitor is refreshing whatever is displayed on your screen. 

Now the higher the frame rate, the more fluid the scene plays out. The minimum acceptable framerate for a smooth experience is around 30 FPS. To compare different framerates out, check out this brilliant site.

But frame rate alone doesn’t make a scene fluid, frametime is important as well. Frametime tells you how long each frame takes to render. For example, if your GPU takes 0.9 seconds to render a single frame then quickly renders 59 frames in 0.1 seconds. You would see horrible stuttering, yet framerate would be showing a solid 60.

Now that we know why it’s important to get higher FPS and lower Frametimes, let’s move on to how you can get them.

Suvoparno Banerjee

Student , Gamer , Blogger , Audiophile .

Suvoparno Banerjee
News Reporter
Student , Gamer , Blogger , Audiophile .
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