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How You Can Customize Your Favorite Mobile Device

How You Can Customize Your Favorite Mobile Device We live in an age of customization. On-demand online services, recommended product offerings, mass customized shoes and personalized marketing prevail in today’s economy. In fact, 70 percent of consumers now expect personalized service when interacting with brands, an AgileOne survey found. Brands are striving to meet this demand, with 90 percent of global senior marketers already either implementing personalization strategies or planning on doing so, according to a Monetate study. So you should expect customized options when it comes to your technology,…

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Soundmagic E10C Review : Can the King retain its throne ?

[nextpage title=”Introduction”] Introduction Soundmagic is a Japanese manufacturer and most of us are quite familiar with the brand as being one of the very first to bring in high quality iems to the budget market. Their PL series is quite well known and their relatively newer E series lineup also impressed most of the critics all around. Today we are going to take a look at the Soundmagic E10C which for all intents and purposes is still the good’ol E10 but with a newer inline control which is now compatible with…

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Apple’s latest BETA

In the fast and furious world of Research and Development(R&D) in the tech industry, software development is a major step and Apple has been a leader on it. Apple with its consistent software update for its various devices has made users and developers engaged. This time of the year is no different as Apple has released the first beta versions of iOS 10.3.2, tvOS 10.2.1, and watchOS 3.2.2. The iOS 10.3.2 is currently only available in beta for registered developers. The public beta version of each update usually follows a…

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Clash of Clans going competitive?

The popularity of Clash of Clans is ever growing, and Supercell has done a great job with feature updates and game balancing over the years which makes this game always a delight to play. Well, talking about updates, the October 2016 update has a lot of indications that maybe there are chances of this mobile game making it to the competitive scenario.   Here’s a quicky of the new features and game-balancing in the latest update.   The all new defense includes Bomb Tower, starting at Townhall 8. It could…

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iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Is This a Complete Device or Just a Demo of Next Year’s iPhone?

So all the leaks and rumors came to reality, with the introduction of the iPhone 7 and its big brother 7 Plus. As with every iPhones Apple come with lil-big enhancement or revolution, they hadn’t failed to do their job this time as well. So with this year’s iPhone Apple hadn’t gone aggressively with the design change which they do with their two years of upgrade pattern. Instead, they went with almost the same design language with a lil-bit of tweaking here and there. The Changes     So what actually…

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Pokemon GO Cheaters Will Now be Severely Penalized

Pokemon GO Cheaters  will now be permanently banned if they dare to cheat during gameplay. You can appeal to reverse the ban however. Pokemon GO Cheaters  Will be Perma-Banned, But This Effect can be Undone Before this new update from Niantic, anyone willing to cheat in the game would be soft-banned. Due to the gentle manner of this penalty, players didn’t put too much thought into it. But now, Niantic has stepped up the countermeasures against Pokemon GO Cheaters. The new penalty for various kinds of cheating- is a permanent…

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The all new Google Photos with unlimited storage

One of the major thing at the conference of Google I/O except Android M was the launch of Google Photos.  The new service is good news for users and an important step for Google, who knows how important photos are for its business. It was already known some time before that Google will separate the service of Google+ with Photos. But the pleasant surprise came from the fact that it is not just a simple rebranding or repositioning of the product. Google Photos comes with new applications and features that…

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Glow Smart Headphones: A novel project

In this era of smart devices the latest addition to the club is smart headphones. Yes , smart headphones which pulses laser in sync with your music , movement and even heartbeat. This is a very innovative Kickstarter project and has already raised over $290,000 in funds. This smart headphones features glow-in-the-dark cords that pulsate vibrant laser light by syncing with music, movement and possibly even heartbeat, all of which is controllable via the Glow app. Zi Wang, a product marketing manager at Google noticed that the 98% of audio accessories were catered for…

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BlackBerry Lists Benefits of BBM While iMessage Spam Rises

  BlackBerry is pointing fingers and laughing at Apple’s expense. The Waterloo-based company this week posted a cheeky blog post highlighting a rather unfortunate new stat about Apple’s iMessage. Turns out the messaging service is susceptible to spam messages; the platform reportedly accounts for 30-percent of mobile spam, according to a recent report. BlackBerry seizes the opportunity to say how terrific BBM, which is now available on other platforms, is in comparison. I have been on and off iOS over the past two years, and haven’t noticed a single instance of…

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