Soundmagic E10C Review : Can the King retain its throne ?


Conclusion :

Overall I had a positive experience with the headphones and i do agree its a pretty good package for around 2000 rs – Awesome build and an even better Accessory package, but and yes there is a big but. Gone are the days when we were so limited in our choices and the market had nothing on offer to satiate the budding audiophile in us, with the rise of Chi-Fi or Chinese iem market there are now a lot of attractive options for a consumer around the 1000-2000 rs mark and some of them are even better than the E10C.

So that begs the question, is E10C the undisputed champion of the budget iems as its predecessor used to be? A simple answer would be NO.
But is it the most convenient and feature rich iem of them all ? YES

For anyone looking for a great iem to listen to genres like EDM, POP and HIP HOP these would certainly be one of the best pairs to be bought under 2000 rs bracket, they are great at detail retrieval and balanced enough to accommodate different sub genres and they certainly are quite adaptive in the way they handle equalization.

But for anyone looking for a balanced set of iems or is more interested in genres like Rock or Metal should give them a pass.

Pros :
Fun bass and Sound Signature
Great build

Cons :
Not neutral(The packaging says Reference Series)
Mid bass bleed
Sub par included tips

It gets the well deserved Silver Award from Techarx team !



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