Soundmagic E10C Review : Can the King retain its throne ?


Sound :

Coming on to the meat of the matter, to put it simply these are not a neutral pair of earphones so purists should stay away. That’s not to say that these aren’t fun. Soundmagic has definitely tuned them in a way to please most if not all the listeners.


And it shows, the bass on these is quite punchy and goes really low, EDM and POP lovers would be delighted with the sub woofer like rumble. They still don’t qualify as a bass-head’s earphone since the bass is controlled and doesn’t get too boomy or flabby, its there when you need it and not when you don’t.

Although it would be unfair of me to not comment on its one caveat here. The mid bass definitely bleeds into the mids and its more apparent in genres like Rock and Metal where due to this effect the soundstage feels very constricted and the vocals sound unnaturally heavy.


Mids are not very recessed but they definitely aren’t forward either, a usual con of having a V shaped fun sound signature. But they won’t offend anyone the tonality is good and the vocals don’t feel shallow enough to sound artificial. Classical fans can still have some fun to say the least.

Highs in my experience are the most well done aspect of these iem, they extend very well provide ample detail without being too sibilant or tiring. One could keep listening to this iem for ours on end without getting ear fatigue. I also noticed that in some cases especially with female vocals they do show some signs of sibilance with an 8k spike on the equalizer.

In simpler terms you might experience some piercing treble with female vocals hearing the sound or word S/SH but its not something you can’t fix with a simple eq tweak.


Soundstage on these is also quite average but better than a lot of other competitive offerings, The soundstage has some width though it lacks layering which makes differentiating between individual instruments in fast paced tracks a bit difficult.

Dynamics in an iem represent its ability to faithfully reproduce and differentiate between the loudest and the faintest of sound and these were surprisingly good at dynamics.


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