Nvidia GTX 950 Review featuring MSI GTX 950 Gaming 2G

GTX 950 : the younger one

The lower end of the GPU market spectrum is an interesting place, while the GPU makers hardly pays any attention to it the majority of the revenue comes from that so called “low end” area. That being said the lower end is not completely forgotten by the manufacturers completely, the card we have for review today is a new entrant in the low end arena : the GTX 950 from Nvidia DSC_0350_edit

NVIDIA GPU Specification Comparison
GTX 960 GTX 950 GTX 750 Ti GTX 650 Ti
CUDA Cores 1024 768 640 768
Texture Units 64 48 40 64
ROPs 32 32 16 16
Core Clock 1126MHz 1024MHz 1020MHz 925MHz
Boost Clock 1178MHz 1188MHz 1085MHz N/A
Memory Clock 7GHz GDDR5 6.6GHz GDDR5 5.4GHz GDDR5 5.4GHz GDDR5
Memory Bus Width 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit 128-bit
FP64 1/32 FP32 1/32 FP32 1/32 FP32 1/24 FP32
TDP 120W 90W 60W 110W
Architecture Maxwell 2 Maxwell 2 Maxwell 1 Kepler
GPU GM206 GM206 GM107 GK106
Transistor Count 2.94B 2.94B 1.87B 2.54B
Manufacturing Process TSMC 28nm TSMC 28nm TSMC 28nm TSMC 28nm
Launch Date 1/22/2015 8/20/2015 2/18/2014 10/9/2012
Launch Price $199 $159 $149 $149

Diving into specifications, with the GTX 950 what we essentially have is a cut down version of the GM 206 which is present in GTX 960. GTX 950 loses one-quarter of its SMMs – going from 8 to 6 – bringing the CUDA core count down from 1024 to 768 with the memory bus/ROP clusters left intact, with 32 ROPs connected to a 128-bit GDDR5 memory bus.

GM206-950Coming to the clock speed, the GTX 950 didnt took much of a cut with respect to the GTX 960, we see a wider delta between base clock and boost clock with a 1024MHz base and 1188MHz boost and a little cut on the memory clock from 7GHz to 6.6GHz whicH is more to create an artificial distinction since nobody ships a 6.6GHz GDDR5 speed grade as far as I know.


Sumon Pathak

Sumon Pathak

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  • Zealot

    This is a very disappointing conclusion. No comparison with the R9 270X is the elephant in the room, and hard to forgive. The fact that you also give the card the silver award despite its ridiculous expensive price makes you lose credibility. It seems that whoever pointed out the price of the 950 compared to the 960 aren’t even the same person, because there’s no way that the 950 deserves a silver award (if any).

    • sumonpathak

      The choice of awards always seems to be a bone of contention anyway.nNow as far as the GTX 950 concerned..the card manages to pack a lot of stuffs and more than acceptable performance in FHD resolution (1920*1080)in the 160USD price-point hence the silver.Its the Indian pricing system which essentially throws it off balance. The card is rated overall..not ONLY on its “ridiculous” price.nAs for the elephant is concerned, we couldn’t add a 270x results simply because of the fact that we didn’t have a sample ready with us during the time frame of the review. For a site which is operating with virtually NO funding or sponsorship in a country where the product sampling/seeding is all messed up, am sure you will forgive us this time and we will try to do better next time :)nnOnce again thanks for the input :)nnregardsnnthe humble reviewer.