Kingston announces the KC1000 NVMe PCIe SSD



Kingston, despite being one of the major players in the flash industry didn’t have an NVMe drive in their kitty; that is until now. Kingston today announced the launch of KC1000 NVMe PCIe SSD.


With the KC1000, Kingston finally took entry into the high-end PCIe SSD arena which is currently being dominated by Samsung and Intel. Whether they can beat them or gives a similar performance is something only the future can tell.

This SSD is mainly targeted at

  • High-resolution video editing
  • Virtual and augmented reality applications
  • CAD software applications
  • Streaming media
  • Graphically intensive video games
  • Data visualization
  • Real-time analytics

but we suspect the SSD would be a big hit mainly on the gaming side of things since in our experience we didn’t see many workstation builders favoring Kingston over the other big two players in the market

Coming to the performance and capacity side of things, KC1000 delivers up to 290,000 IOPS and will ship in mid-June in 240GB, 480GB and 960GB capacities. The SSD is controlled by a Phison PS5007-E7 controller and runs on the NVMe PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 interface.

While we wait for further info and our samples(fingers crossed). here;s a lil 411 for all you specifications junkies:


Form FactorM.2 2280
InterfaceNVMe PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 Lanes
Capacities240GB, 480GB, 960GB
ControllerPhison PS5007-E7
Sequential Read/Writeup to 2700/900MB/s(240GB)
up to 2700/1600MB/s(480GB, 960GB)
Maximum 4K Read/Writeup to 225,000/190,000 IOPS(240GB)
up to 290,000/190,000 IOPS(480GB, 960GB)
Random 4K Read/Writeup to 190,000/160,000 IOPS(240GB, 480GB)
up to 190,000/165,000 IOPS(960GB)
PCMARK®Vantage HDD Suite Score150,000
Total Bytes Written (TBW)300TB and .70 DWPD5(240GB)
550TB and .64 DWPD5(480GB)
1PB and .58 DWPD5(960GB)
Power Consumption.11W Idle / .99W Avg / 4.95W (MAX) Read / 7.40W (MAX) write
Storage Temperature-40°C to 85°C
Operating Temperature0°C to 70°C
Dimensions80mm x 22mm x 3.5mm (M.2)
180.98mm x 120.96mm x 21.59mm (with HHHL AIC – standard bracket)
181.29mm x 80.14mm x 23.40mm (with HHHL AIC – low-profile bracket)
Weight10g (M.2)
76g (with HHHL AIC – standard bracket)
69g (with HHHL AIC – low-profile bracket)
Vibration operating2.17G Peak (7-800Hz)
Vibration non-operating20G Peak (20-1000Hz)
Part NumbersSKC1000/240G(240GB)
SKC1000H/240G HHHL [Add-In Card](240GB)
SKC1000H/480G HHHL [Add-In Card](480GB)
SKC1000H/960G HHHL [Add-In Card](960GB)
Warranty/support4Limited 5-year warranty with free technical support
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Sumon Pathak
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Lawyer by day, Overclocker and reviewer by night, and a sniper in weekends.
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