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Kingston announces the DT 50 range of flashdrives

The all new DT50, from the Brand Kingston, was launched in India on 16th November of this month. The Data traveller 50 is a pretty handy Flash Drive which has different memory versions. Its memory capacity ranges from 8 gb to 128 gb. Special Features There are a couple of reasons the Kingston DT 50 stands out. First of all among other metal cased usb drives, it is way lighter and also is capless. The capless feature solves our problem of searching for the cap of our flash drives in a…

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Titanfall 2 Hype

After the pretty much awesome multiplayer FPS shooter prequel by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, people are really looking forward to the TITANFALL 2 which will be released on October 28, 2016. This game has a single player mode campaign, unlike its predecessor which was totally concentrated on multiplayer gaming. It’s a game totally to be hyped about. Recently, titanfall 2 got its new gameplay footage which is captured on a TITAN X gpu and it shows one of the campaign missions: – The trial by Fire campaign. The most…

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