Homefront: The Revolution announced for Mac

Homefront: The Revolution

Dambuster Studios, developers of the upcoming open world game Homefront: The Revolution, recently announced that the game is arriving for Mac too. Both Dambuster and Deep Silver had previously announced that the Homefront Sequel would be coming to the PC along with Linux, but there had been no mention of a Mac port. Just as Mac users were starting to feel left out since almost no good games make it to Apple’s sophisticated PC counterpart, Dambuster Studios’ official Twitter handle tweeted the following: @keyboardN1nja @gamingonlinux @HomefrontGame Windows first with native…

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Stardew Valley gets exciting upgrades

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s sole creator ConcernedApe aka Eric Barone has been reasonably busy these past few months, following the success of his indie title. The indie sensation has revealed that his Harvest Moon-styled game will soon be getting some exciting changes. One of these changes is the introduction of cooperative multiplayer, something that fans have wanted all along. Although the designing maestro has been known for being a one man army, he has agreed to let the publishers ChuckleFish take the reins and handle some of the more fastidious programming duties. In…

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Witcher DLC Arriving to Rocket League

Rocket League

As the brilliant and rightfully popular indie sensation receives its much-awaited basketball mode with NBA flags that ensure quintuple times the enjoyability, its developer Psyonix recently announced the arrival of a Witcher-inspired Rocket League DLC that will be released next week. The aforementioned DLC will add an antenna inspired by Geralt of Rivia’s Witcher medallion from the critically acclaimed series of the same name. Psyonix stated that many of its employees are huge fans of the Witcher series, resulting in talks between Psyonix and the Witcher series’ developers CD Projekt…

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NVidia Reportedly Ending GTX 980Ti Production

Merely hours before NVidia’s GPU Technology Conference during which we hopefully get more information about the much awaited Pascal architecture, word has been received that NVidia will be ending the production of its GM200 GPU. This, at first, might not sound like much but the GM200 is the GPU that powers NVidia’s GTX 980Ti and the “titanic” Titan X. The company will be reportedly stopping the supply of their GM200 GPUs and as a result, companies like ASUS, Zotac, MSI among others will not be introducing newer graphics cards of…

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Beyond Dark: An Ambitious Space Strategy Game

Space exploration is and has always been a subject of wonder and fascination for all of mankind. This profound love has given us some masterpieces and Beyond Dark, an upcoming space-set strategy game looks like a masterpiece in the making. The game has an interesting concept and boasts of having the “world’s largest in-game universe” with millions of planets to visit and explore. Each of the galaxies featured in the game will have their own unique history, defined by the thousand of players that have “fought and allied in the…

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MSI Releases 3Way and 4Way SLI Bridge Kits

Released in succession to yesteryear’s successful 2-way SLI Bridge, MSI has now added the 3Way and 4Way SLI Bridges in Kit form. A multiple GPU setup with the most powerful graphic cards harnessed in perfect harmony is the way to go for the best possible 4k experience. MSI have integrated a 120 mm silent fan with special mounting bracket into both, the 3WAY and the 4WAY SLI Bridges to displace the heat that is evolved whenever a graphic card is made to perform at its highest possible limit. This helps…

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HTC Vive Box Contents Announced

On the eve of the VR unveilings, with the first of the Rifts being hand delivered by Oculus founder Palmer Luckey himself, the stage was lit. And amidst all this celebration took place the unveiling of the box contents of the eagerly awaited HTC Vive. Priced at $799, the HTC Vive is an enthusiastic virtual reality platform and the final product’s box contents are a reflection of just that. Along with the visually stunning device itself come the Light controllers, loved by all those who got the chance to try…

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Quantum Break Windows 10 Graphic Options Revealed

As the eagerly anticipated time-manipulating adventure game Quantum Break nears its release date of April 15, Remedy Entertainment revealed the graphical options that a player heading into the game can expect on a Windows 10 PC. By popular request, we decided to share the Windows 10 version graphics settings that you’ll be able to tweak to get the most out of your gaming set-up. With options varying between on/off, minimum, medium, high and ultra, you can adjust the graphical fidelity of Quantum Break to your liking and experience the game…

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AMD Polaris 10 R9 490 / 480 GPU Specs Leaked [Rumour]

An interesting  new  spotting has occurred on the SiSoft SANDRA benchmarking database, which features the new AMD Polaris 10 GPU along with its entire hardware specifications. Polaris 10, regardless of what the name suggests is actually bigger of the two Polaris GPUs, the other being Polaris 11. The Chief Architect & head of AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group has stated that the naming has been done in a chronological manner, as Polaris 10 was designed before its smaller counterpart and has therefore been designated a smaller numerical value. AMD’s Vega 10, which is…

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