Xbox One S Processor is an Overclocked 16nm APU from AMD

Xbox One S Processor

With the release of the Xbox One S, new information confirmed the console rocking an updated 16nm APU. The Xbox One S Processor from AMD is overclocked 61MHz over the Xbox One. Xbox One S Processor Significantly Faster than the Original Xbox One Microsoft’s updated home video game console released recently after it’s unveiling in this year’s E3. Now that it’s out for sale, we can confirm that the GPU within the new Xbox One S console is indeed faster than the original Xbox One. The new Xbox One S Processor is a…

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No Man’s Sky Day One Update Will Remove All Leaked Gameplay Features

No Man's Sky playerbase

The release date for No Man’s Sky draws near and also the imminent No Man’s Sky Day One Update. According to developer Hello Games, the day one update will remove all exploits and bugs seen in the leaked footage. More precisely the bevy of leaks posted by the now familiar Reddit user daymeeuhn. No Man’s Sky Day One Update Will Remove Leaked Gameplay Features   Within the past few weeks, No Man’s Sky gathered the most amount of attention it would ever need. First there was the mind-boggling $1250 purchase of…

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Ubisoft Motion Pictures Announces “The Division” Film With Jessica Chastain And Jake Gyllenhaal

Today, Ubisoft Motion Pictures, the film and television studio of Ubisoft®, announced a new project, “The Division” with Academy Award® nominees Jessica Chastain (The Martian, Interstellar, The Help, Zero Dark Thirty)and Jake Gyllenhaal (End of Watch, Nightcrawler, Southpaw) attached.   “We are excited to collaborate with Jessica and Jake, two of Hollywood’s most talented actors  and perfect creative collaborators to help bring Tom Clancy’s The Division™ to the big screen,” said Gerard Guillemot, Chief Executive Officer, Ubisoft Motion Pictures. “Attaching Jake and Jessica is part of our development philosophy of…

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